Do you own a Waterfront home?

Do you own a waterfront home and have ever considered renting it on days, weekends or weeks that you don't use it? Are you paying a Vacation Rental website a large amount to have your property on a website? Our free option gives owners their own portal to upload and manage their own properties by using the booking calendar as well as payment portal. 
If you are looking to have us fully manage the property, including taking care of professional pictures, drone photography, video walk-thru, reservations, billing, cleaning and maintenance we have a low cost Platinum Package as well.  
Please click below and we can help you find out how much you can rent it for and show you how to access this site for free or discuss the full Platinum Package.

About our company

The Property Management Department was started in 2005 and affiliated with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group in 2017. We pride ourselves on being leaders in our local real estate market and the property management community. For the last 15 years, we have been active members of the community and stay current on the latest property management industry trends. We look forward to serving your investment and rental needs!


Are these short term or long term rentals?

All properties listed are available per day, weekend or week. Each property have unique options and amenities so please read each description closely.

I own a waterfront home, can I use this website?

YES, The use of this website is free. There is no hidden costs or obligation. Please click on the Contact Us button and we will help you get started.

I have a question on a property, who do I ask?

Many of the properties are owned by different owners. Please see the contact information in each of the properties.

I own a waterfront home, can I have you mange the property bookings and payments?

YES, We would be happy to oversee your property. There is a cost and would not be included in the free option. Please use the Contact Us button on the top of the screen and we would be happy to help you.